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Composite Decks from Accent Deck Design Bring You Years of Maintenance Free Outdoor Living

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With a composite deck from Accent Deck Design in Austin, you don’t have to worry about dependability nor constant maintenance. You can relax and enjoy a strong, sturdy, and reliable deck for years to come. Choose from many different styles and colors to suit your needs and relax knowing that your deck was built properly and reliably through over 20 years of experience and knowledge.

A composite deck from Accent Deck Design brings you benefits like:

  • Very minimal maintenance
  • High dependability
  • No rotting, warping, or splitting
  • High resistance to weather damage
  • Long term beauty for years
  • Mold and stain resistance
  • Fashionable Design and Appeal
  • No splinters

Get a Reliable Deck that Doesn’t Rot, Split, or Warp

Given the materials that an Accent Deck Design composite deck is made of, you benefit from highly weather resistant properties. This means your deck’s boards won’t rot, split, or warp over time, no matter what type of Austin weather conditions they’re forced to face. While your neighbors are working hard at maintaining their deck, you will be sitting back and enjoying yours without dealing with constant maintenance. 

Composite decks are also resistant to stains from food, mold, harsh sun, or even heavy use so your deck will look like new even after you’ve been using it for many years. There may be an initial minimal fade phase in the beginning, but it doesn’t affect the look. It only lightens a tiny bit that is barely noticeable and will then stay that way for years to come with little to no maintenance!

Enjoy the Benefits without Needing To Reseal, Stain, or Paint

A composite deck doesn’t require any sealing, staining, or painting – or any resealing, restaining, or repainting!  Instead, what you see on the first day is what you’ll see for the life of the deck - no maintenance required. 

It is recommended to periodically wash your composite deck thoroughly to prevent mold and mildew growth; but, that’s good advice for any type of deck.  Other than that, when you have Accent Deck Design in Austin install a composite deck for you, the only thing you’ve really got to do is enjoy it! 

Enjoy Positively Contributing to the Environment with Accent Deck Design

Because your composite deck is made from recycled plastics and wood fibers, you are choosing an environmentally friendly option.  These fibers would have been thrown away previously. Instead, these wood and plastic fibers are kept out of the landfill and given new life as a long lasting, dependable, and gorgeously beautiful deck!

In addition to all of these benefits, composite decks are also:

  • Pest Resistant
  • Affordable
  • Easier and Faster to Install
  • Guaranteed for Years of Use

Composite decks have opened up a whole new world for you to enjoy with a comforting outdoor space that requires little to no maintenance!

Contact Accent Deck Design today to see how easily building your composite deck can help increase your Austin property’s value, improve its curb appeal, and give you less to maintain!

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