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Incorporating pergolas and arbors into your outdoor deck area through Accent Deck Design can be an easy way to enhance your Austin, Texas home or commercial property. These vertical structures provide you the possibility of using plants as shade and can add natural décor to your deck area. Enjoy the benefits of a cooler deck in the hot temperatures and the appeal of nature. Even without using any plants, you can enjoy the nice style and comfort these pergolas and arbors bring.

Enjoy Shade in the Summer and Sun in the Winter

Many deck designs strive to incorporate shade in the summer without reducing the solar gain a building receives in the winter.  With an arbor, or its larger cousin the pergola, you get the sun and shade you want, exactly when you want it because of the life cycle of the plants that produce the shade in the summer and the allow the sun to come through in the winter. 

Get the Protection Your Deck Needs in the Winter

Another nice aspect of arbors and pergolas is that they won’t require you to have an attachment to the existing building, like a covered porch or deck might.  Instead, these features will provide you a stand-alone, decorative, affordable way to create a seasonal cover for your outdoor area.

Increase Visual Appeal to Your Garden and Landscaping

Another special quality of arbors and pergolas is their ability to intertwine both your home and your garden.  Again, because they are the only fixture to use plants directly in the application, pergolas and arbors are able to help you create a deck design that brings your garden into your home and your home into your garden.

Get Versatility with Arbors and Pergolas

Given their ability to stand alone without support from an existing structure, arbors and pergolas from Accent Deck Design have versatile options for you to choose from.  Enjoy them anywhere on your property. Choose from various sizes and find the one that suits your plant décor needs.

Gain Beauty and Enjoy the Benefits of Low Maintenance

Depending on your needs, Accent Deck Design in Austin helps you find an arbor or pergola that requires little maintenance, yet provides the beauty you desire.  Enjoy hardy plants that grow with minimal care in our Texas climate and enjoy the special beauty arbors and pergolas provide you.

Give us a call today to learn more about the role a pergola or arbor can play in your custom deck design and let’s enhance your property’s value and beauty!

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